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Lost in the maze of multi-object report intricacies?

Say hello to effortless reporting - without any limitations. With Multi-step Reporting, you can create sophisticated reports across multiple objects, all in a few clicks.

Struggling to decipher trends and patterns?

Visualize your success. Transform your data into interactive charts and dashboards.

Exporting to Excel to build your report due to report type issues?

With Apsona's Dedupe and Match tool, effortlessly identify and merge duplicate records, ensuring your data remains clean and trustworthy.

Spending hours merging and personalizing documents and emails

"The dedupe tool has been an exceptionally GREAT addition for data maintenance; as a system administrator I appreciate the ability to have so much control over the conditions for deduping." - Megan Moorehead, ExtraHop

Engaging in back-and-forth between users that can't produce a key analytic from Salesforce data?

All your data, all in one place. With Grids, you can view and update data from multiple objects in a single screen. No more endless clicking, just the data that you want to see, how you want to see it.

Exporting to Excel to build your report due to report type issues?

Multi-step reporting exports to excel

Conquer Salesforce Data Complexity Without the Frustration.

It’s Time to Achieve More With Less in Salesforce

Apsona’s suite of add-ons is designed to elevate your Salesforce experience. Clean, manipulate and extract data seamlessly and transform your instance into a powerhouse of efficiency.

1 Apsona for Salesforce

Dive into seamless Salesforce operations with our base licensing module. Effortlessly filter, sort, update, report, and export your data.

“I can't say enough good things about Apsona. It fixes everything that's wrong with Salesforce. It is incredibly intuitive and has made my work infinitely easier.”

Zach Alberts

2 Multi-step Reporting

Craft intricate reports across multiple objects in mere clicks, making data-driven decisions without the usual headaches.

“Extremely powerful and versatile reporting tool. Solves issues that native Salesforce reporting could not touch.”

Courtney Forbush

3 Document and Email Merge

Personalize every document and email with Salesforce data, ensuring each message resonates with its recipient.

"…we also implemented the document merge and now we can run donation acknowledgement letters with just a few clicks, and it even updates the acknowledgement status on the opportunity."

Amanda Styles

4 Dedupe and Match

Effortlessly spot and merge duplicate records, ensuring your data remains pristine and trustworthy.

“I love Apsona for data imports - the ability to match incoming data to existing Salesforce records based on criteria you set is wonderful.”

Mary Butlin

5 Grids

Access and modify data from various objects in one unified view, saying goodbye to tedious navigation.

"Exactly what I needed out of a grid solution. Allows me to put the grid where I need it, lightning fast updating of dozens or even hundreds of records."

Michael Kolodner

6 Scheduler

Set your data reports and email notifications on autopilot, giving you more time for tasks that truly matter.

“We are excited to get all of our complex reports automated and be able to send to both Salesforce and non Salesforce folks in the same email.”

Salesforce Admin

7 Charts and Dashboards

Turn your data into compelling visual narratives, making informed decisions easier and more intuitive.

“We started using the Pivot Table Chart in the new Apsona Charts and Dashboards. It's like Salesforce matrix reports with more than two (at least five in our case) row and column field specifications reaching across multiple objects. I'm not sure how we survived without it.”

Lloyd Leanse

8 Email Connector

Keep track of every email interaction within Salesforce, ensuring no conversation or potential opportunity slips away.

“Whether I am loading a list of leads, adding contacts to a campaign, or updating records to reflect a new business process I am trying out, Apsona for Salesforce makes the work easier and helps me in my quest for a clean database. The mass-mail capability is also one of my favorites.”

Teri Walker

8 Batch Gift Entry

Designed for non-profits, this feature streamlines the donation data entry process, making a significant impact with minimal effort.

“The batch entry tool is so much better than what Salesforce natively provides with the NPSP package, when dealing with so many givers to one campaign.”

Matt Bohannon

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See How Apsona Stacks up Against Others

Comparing features, efficiency, and value: The clear choice for Salesforce data management.
Features Apsona Data Management Validity / DemandTools Data
Provenworks / SimpleImport Free Xappex/ Enabler4Excel
User based licensing with unlimited database operations - only limited by your API calls X Limited to 10K loads per month Only 5 standard objects for free X
Flexibility Transfer solutions built with Apsona from org to org X X X X
Sandbox Testing Unlimited testing in Sandbox to confirm fit / feature needs Charge for Sandbox testing Limited to 10K loads per month Only 5 standard objects for free X
User Prompts / Helps Apsona flags you if you forget to include a required field or your email address is malformatted. X X Rollback feature X
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