Here is a summary of feature updates and major bug fixes for our products in 2020.

Apsona for Salesforce – data management #

General #

  • When editing Campaign Member records inline, either in the record detail or in the tabular view, the Status field is now limited to the values suited for the Campaign being edited, based on the Campaign Member Status object.
  • Bug fix: Metrics were being incorrectly calculated when multiple lookups with the same name were involved.
  • On a new installation (or when there are no configurations) we now automatically create a configuration for the System Administrator profile
  • Updated SOAP API to v48.0
  • When validating emails, the / and # symbols are now allowed in the email name part.
  • Edit JSON button on the Apsona Item object’s detail panel
  • The Manage Licenses popup’ Assigned Users tab now shows the user’s name and profile name, for easier management
  • Custom metadata objects are now visible in configurations
  • Apsona now recognizes object permissions granted via permission set as well as profile
  • The Apsona Items and Merge Actions menus in the Settings menu are now available to all users, except that for non-admins, they show only the records that the user owns, whilst for admins they show all records.
  • The Send mass email popup now includes a preview of the selected email template, so that you can be sure you selected the right one before sending

Data export/import #

  • Exporting address fields into Excel format works correctly instead of showing the JSON content of the address
  • The importer now allows for nonstandard phone number formats (e.g., 4443334444) when matching against the SF database via SOQL.
  • Support for saving and restoring all options in the import mapping setup
  • Import mappings now include all the import settings, and the import mapping selector is shown in step 1 of the import wizard

Tabular and calendar views #

  • Support for calendar views as top-level VF pages
  • Better indication of changed fields in tabular view; undo button in tabular view when fields have been inline-edited
  • Tabular view: Grouping now summarizes number fields in addition to currency fields
  • In the filtering row under the header in tabular and console views, can now search on fields from parent objects
  • In a tabular view, if the shown fields include a lookup, the filtering box under that field’s header lets the user select from parent records, a la Excel
  • In multi-currency orgs, when editing an Opportunity amount via either tabular or console view, we now support automatic conversion of currency field values to the Oppty record’s currency when storing.
  • In the record importer, we now allow direct matching against polymorphic fields, e.g., WhoId and WhatId of the Task object

Multi-step Reports #

  • “Direct link” button in the runner toolbar to open the report in its own window. Also, “Change filters” button is now part of the main toolbar.
  • The Apsona_Allow_MSR_Full_Access permission set is now recognized to give the user full admin-like permissions to MSRs

Document and Email Generator #

  • Support for Rich Text fields, including images in such fields
  • Behavior change: If the user has the permission set assigned for allowing merge action editing, the user now sees all the merge actions in the Settings – Merge Actions list. We used to only show the user’s own merge actions unless the user is an admin.
  • The button code generator now supports buttons on objects that are grandparents of the object on which the main data source of the merge action is based.
  • You can now attach generated Excel documents to Salesforce records.
  • You can now control the formatting of number values.
  • We now support Lightning Email template variable syntax in email templates, i.e., triple curlies and embedded periods.
  • In the mapping step, we now have the ability to unmap existing mappings.
  • Support for repeat counts for address labels
  • Sublist values can be “combined”, e.g., into comma-separated lists.
  • Allow all the linkages across CreatedBy, LastModifiedBy and Owner to show. This unfortunately increases the list of available linkages significantly, but needed for some use cases.
  • Support for Lightning notes to be merged into the generated docx file, via the Apsona Lightning Note Surrogate object. See this article.
  • Support is available for generating barcodes and QR codes without an external service.
  • Check to ensure that a button placed on a detail page was indeed generated for the same object, issue an error otherwise
  • Support for CumSum (cumulative sum) and CumAvg (cumulative average) functions in grouped lists
  • Support for IF-THEN-ELSE and sublists in address labels.
  • You can perform arithmetic calculations in merge fields.
  • Correct formatting of phone numbers when merging
  • Full support for run parameters

Batch Gift Entry #

  • “Find” box at the top of the search results list, e.g., when showing pending payments for the selected Account or Contact
  • Support for Payment-level allocations.
  • We now show existing Allocation records in the child panel when an Opportunity or Payment is selected
  • “Amount” field in the Account Soft Credit panel
  • The Configure popup now lets the admin set up the columns shown for Gift/Payment search results, in addition to Account search results and Contact search results
  • Support for Partial Soft Credits
  • Behavior change: In the Products panel, we now show only active PricebookEntry records.

Dedupe, Match, Cleanse #

  • In the cleansing proper-case function, we now correctly handle names with prefixes, such as McAuliffe or d’Alembert or de Havilland
  • Data cleansing functions for proper case, phone number normalization, US state name normalization and zip code error checking
  • Support for excluding DuplicateRecordItem when reparenting, and for reparenting FeedItem records that aren’t of type TrackedChange. This happens with the Apsona custom merge rather than Salesforce native merge
  • Checkbox to enable use of Apsona’s merge algorithm instead of the Salesforce native merge API, to avoid issues in some orgs (such as EDA). Read more.

Mailgun connector #

  • New Mailgun Connector package that contains a custom setting for the org’s mailgun credentials.

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