ROI (return-on-investment) by Campaign

Return on investment (ROI) by Campaign #

This example shows a report that produces a return-on-investment calculation by Campaign. For each Campaign, the report shows the budgeted and actual cost, the number of opportunities, total opportunity value, and the return on investment, defined as the difference between the total opportunity value and the actual cost. Below is a screen shot with some dummy data. 

The report uses four steps.

  1. The first step retrieves data from the Opportunity object, and produces the campaign names and opportunity metrics, filtered to obtain a selected set of Campaigns. Note that since this step produces data from the Opportunity object rather than the Campaign object, it only retrieves Campaigns for which there is at least one qualifying Opportunity (“qualifying” based on the filter applied to this step). Note also that this step retrieves the Campaign ID from the Opportunity object, so that we can use it for linkages in later steps.
  2. The second step is a calculation step that uses a calculated value for the ROI. More info is available about calculated values.
  3. The third step produces the number of members of each campaign shown in the report.
  4. The fourth step uses the “Range and sort” tab to retrieve, for each Campaign, the opportunity record with the highest value. This range-and-sort feature is described here.

Below is a screen shot of this report. You can also download this report and add it to your org

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