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Real Users, Real Success

  • If my budget allowed only one additional program from the Salesforce.com AppExchange, my choice would be from Apsona.

    - Robert Madsen

    Senior Marketing Executive, DocMagic, Inc.
  • …Now that we no longer are relying on 10 different staff members to input data, things can get done on time.

    - Claire Levy

    Data & Evaluation Specialist, Horton’s Kids
  • I'm not sure how we would survive without Apsona and Multi-step reports. So far we've created reports, Word and Excel merges, a tab using the surrogate object for Tasks and the Apsona version of related lists on layouts. The company's support has been very helpful and responsive.

    - Lloyd Leanse

    COO, Prager & Co.
Apsona’s Productivity Features

Work Smarter, Not Harder

1. Sophisticated Filtering

Filter by fields from related objects, metric functions, and exception conditions. Save your searches as filters and reuse them.

  • How does this help you?

    Streamline your data searches, ensuring you find exactly what you need, when you need it.

2. Multiple Views of Data

View your data in list-and-detail, child tabs for related objects, editable grid, or calendar views.

  • How does this help you?

    Customize your data view for enhanced clarity and faster operations.

3. Edit in Place

Edit and update any field in-place, without losing context.

  • How does this help you?

    Make swift changes without navigating away, enhancing your workflow efficiency.

4. Grid Editing

Choose the fields to display in your grid and edit all of them in a single step.

  • How does this help you?

    Personalize and manage your data views with ease and precision.

5. Snappy Web-2.0 Interface (within Lightning!)

Experience a highly responsive application without the hassle of page refreshes.

  • How does this help you?

    Enjoy a smooth, uninterrupted workflow for a more efficient data management experience.

6. Mass Update Selected Fields

Select a set of filtered records, specify fixed values for certain fields, and update all those fields in your chosen records simultaneously.

  • How does this help you?

    Simplify bulk changes, such as reassigning ownership, for faster data updates.

7. Mass Delete Selected Records

Choose a set of filtered records and delete them all in one go.

  • How does this help you?

    Clean up your data sets quickly and efficiently, ensuring a clutter-free environment.

8. Easy-to-use Reporting

Create reports on any object with chosen fields, filters, and sort criteria, then export to CSV with a single click.

  • How does this help you?

    Simplify data analysis and sharing with intuitive, one-click reporting.

Data Management Features

Seamless Data Transfers - The Apsona Assurance

Export to CSV

Dive into the flexibility of Apsona’s export capabilities. Whether it’s any object, a specific set of records, or a subset of fields, effortlessly export your data into CSV or Excel. Your data, your way, in the format you prefer.

Update from CSV

Data updates shouldn’t be a chore. With Apsona, refresh any fields of your existing data records directly from CSV. It’s about making data management as smooth as possible.

Duplicate Checking During Import

No more duplicate data headaches. Apsona’s intelligent system identifies potential duplicates during imports. You have the power to decide: update the existing record or reject the duplicate. It’s all about giving you control and ensuring data integrity.

Import from CSV

Say goodbye to tedious data imports. With Apsona, seamlessly load new data into any of your Salesforce objects, be it standard or custom. And with our robust duplicate checking module, you can be confident in the accuracy of every import.

Metadata-Driven Error Checking

Data corruption is a thing of the past. Apsona’s metadata-driven error checking ensures that every piece of imported data aligns with expected data types. Trust in the integrity of every data point.

Works with All Objects and Fields

Every Salesforce object, every field, Apsona has got you covered. Whether it’s standard objects like Account or Contact, or custom objects and fields you’ve crafted, Apsona seamlessly integrates and supports them all.

Navigate Salesforce Data With Ease & Precision.

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All-inclusive Ease

Every Platform, One Experience

Seamlessly Universal

Navigating through Group, Professional, Enterprise, or Unlimited editions? Apsona's got your back, ensuring a flawless integration across the board.

Pure Browsing Brilliance

Why juggle with Flash, Java, or other plugins? Apsona thrives directly in your Salesforce browser window, epitomizing simplicity and efficiency.

All Browsers, Optimized Experience

Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, or IE 10+? No matter your choice, Apsona ensures a consistent, optimized experience.

Simplicity Meets Power

Dive into Apsona's vast capabilities with just a single VisualForce page and one custom object. Minimal setup, transformative results.

Apsona Vs Salesforce The Reporting Face Off

Function Salesforce Native Reports Apsona Single
Step Reports
Multi-step Reports
Lookup traversal Parent-to-child only Any / As many lookups to Parent record from initial object Any / As many lookups to Child records from initial object No limitations, can go either parent-to-child or child-to-parent
Cross-object filters (e.g., Accounts with opportunities in multiple years)
Minimal or not supported Multiple cross-object with quantified filters Fully supported
Chained filters across objects (e.g., Accounts whose opportunities came from specific campaigns)
Not supported Fully supported Fully supported
Metric filters (e.g., Accounts with opportunity total value at least $500k)
Not supported
Fully supported
(Filter by fields from related objects, metric functions, and exception conditions. Save your searches as filters and reuse them.)
Fully supported
Top-n queries (e.g., Partner accounts and their top 5 opportunities)
Not supported Range applied 3 sorting fields with record suppression (1+ records) Fully supported
Matrix / Pivot table visualization common to stakeholder requests Not supported
Fully supported
(Filter by fields from related objects, metric functions, and exception conditions. Save your searches as filters and reuse them.)
Fully supported
(Filter by fields from related objects, metric functions, and exception conditions. Save your searches as filters and reuse them.)

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