Batch Gift Entry for Non-Profits

Streamlining Donation
Data - Customizable Screens, Minimized Effort, Maximized Record Accuracy

No budget constraints for non-profits. Harness the power of seamless technology by integrating, linking and maintaining your donation data like never before.

Hear It Directly From Our Clients

  • The batch entry tool is so much better than what Salesforce natively provides with the NPSP package, when dealing with so many givers to one campaign.

    - Matt Bohannon

  • We're a small nonprofit that recently moved to using Salesforce as our CRM platform. Apsona is a great app that helps us manage our data and do batch updates. It's also one of the easier apps to use, which is important when you are small, because you don't have much time to mess with clunky apps. Greatly recommend.

    - Diego Gonzalez

  • Importing, exporting, otherwise un-doable reports, bulk data fixes, a super efficient batch entry tool and a bunch of stuff we haven't even begun to utilize all equal... WOW!

    - Peter Chasse

  • My nonprofit organization started using Salesforce (Luminate CRM) a few months ago and Apsona has been of great help in importing our multiple lists and making batch changes within Salesforce to get all our data organized.

    - Rick Trilsch

  • In the past, donations captured through a separate online database could not be ported into Salesforce and our staff has had to download the data to Excel and manually update the donor database. With Apsona, downloaded data from Excel was uploaded automatically to Salesforce, saving hours of staff time.

    - Andrea Schmitt

Streamlining Donation Data - Customizable Screens, Minimized Effort, Maximized Record Accuracy

In the world of donations, every cent counts, and so does every second. We understand the challenges faced by non-profits, especially when it comes to managing donation records. That’s why we’ve developed a solution for non-profits who use Salesforce with the Non-profit Success Pack (NPSP) that not only streamlines the process but also ensures accuracy and efficiency.

Flawless Integration with Salesforce

Holding to Commitment Simplified

Tailored to Your Needs

Making a Difference Made Easier

Simplify donation entries with Apsona’s Batch Gift Entry.

In the dynamic world of non-profit organizations, managing donation data efficiently is paramount. Apsona’s Batch Gift Entry tool is here to revolutionize that experience, bringing together the best of Salesforce with features reminiscent of renowned non-profit software systems like Common Ground, Luminate, and Raiser’s Edge.

1. A Unified Experience

  • One Screen, Multiple Functions

    Enter all your gift data, look up related contacts, donations, and payments, or even add new contacts without ever leaving the screen.

  • Keyboard-Friendly Interface

    Speed up your data entry process, making it both quick and user-friendly.

2. Batch Management Perfected

  • Data Storage

    Every piece of data is stored in a Batch, with each Batch Item detailing a single payment, ensuring clarity and organization.

  • Commit on Your Terms

    Batches await your command to commit, giving you the flexibility to add or modify items as needed. For instance, start a batch today, and if required, come back days later to add more, ensuring your data entry aligns with your schedule.

  • Seamless Data Integration

    On committing a batch, every item finds its rightful place in Payment and Donation records. Whether it's creating new Donation, Payment, or Donation Contact Role records, or updating existing ones, consistency is guaranteed.

3. Apsona Features Integration

  • Quick Search and Filter

    The Batch and Batch Item objects are in perfect harmony with other Apsona features, letting you swiftly navigate through Batch records.

  • Traceability

    Once a batch is committed, trace back to the specific Batch record that led to a particular donation, ensuring transparency.

4. Customization at Its Best

  • All-Encompassing Support

    From native to custom fields, the Batch screen is equipped to handle all Donation and Payment fields from your Salesforce database.

  • Tailored Batches

    Recognizing the diverse needs of non-profits, each Batch can be customized with its set of required and optional fields. Be it for routine fundraising donations or special event donations, Apsona has got you covered.

The Simple 5-Step Process Behind Batch Gift Entry

Step 1

Set Up

Install Apsona for Salesforce and Batch Gift Entry packages.
Step 2

Create a Batch

Initiate a new batch, define its attributes, and select necessary fields.
Step 3

Add Entries

Choose a donor, input gift details, and associate with Opportunities.
Step 4

Allocate & Assign Roles

Distribute fund allocations and assign contact roles for soft credit.
Step 5


Review and finalize the batch, creating the Donation and Payment records.

Setup Essentials: Before You Begin

Before you embark on using the Batch Gift Entry tool, ensure you have the following in place:

Apsona for Salesforce

The foundation for Batch Gift Entry. It’s imperative to have this installed to unlock the full array of features.

Non-profit Success Pack (NPSP)

Including the Payments object, this is vital for efficient donation management.

Activating Batch Gift Entry

Step 1

Open Apsona for Salesforce & click the feedback link located on the top right of the banner.

Step 2

Select "License Request" & fill in the box to indicate your interest in enabling Batch Gift Entry.

Step 3

We'll promptly activate the license and notify you via email once it's done.

Master Batch Gift Entry With Ease!

Explore our detailed help docs to get the most out of your experience.