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Embrace the Power of Clean Salesforce Data with Dedupe & Match

Revolutionize your workflows; take control of your data integrity and experience the ease of intuitive data clean up.

Success Stories from Our Community

  • Apsona includes two key features that are essential for many Salesforce system admins -- record matching and deduplication.

    - David Gildar

  • I find matches by first name, last name, emails, etc. You can set up pre-defined actions that you can run monthly.

    - Helen Hoepfner

  • The dedupe tool has been an exceptionally GREAT addition for data maintenance; as a system administrator I appreciate the ability to have so much control over the conditions for deduping.

    - Megan Moorehead

  • I love Apsona for data imports - the ability to match incoming data to existing Salesforce records based on criteria you set is wonderful. The easy to use interface and clear guidance if your data has issues saves an enormous amount of time in data migrations.

    - Mary Butlin

  • I use it regularly for all of my updates and imports, the advanced matching criteria is great. You can even create your own fields to match on such as external IDs from 3rd party systems depending on where you get your data from.

    - Jay Herrera

Say Goodbye to Duplication - Instantly Identify & Merge Duplicate Records
on Any Object

Transform your Salesforce user experience with Apsona’s browser based Dedupe and Match add-on, designed to integrate effortlessly with your workflow and offer unparalleled convenience and functionality.


Swiftly identify and have the option to merge duplicate records within any object, enhancing data reliability. Experience easy deduplication of Salesforce records, all within your browser.

CSV Matching

Accurately recognize and synchronize records aligning with the provided CSV file content, optimizing your data alignment and accuracy across databases.

These transformative functions extend to all Salesforce objects, embracing both native and custom objects, allowing for an extensive range of applications.

Key Features

Browser-Based Excellence

No plugins needed, accessible on all platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chromebooks, and compatible with recent browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari.

Effortless Deduplication

Experience quick, uncomplicated deduplication of Salesforce records directly in the browser, enhancing your control over your data.

Unparalleled Security

Rest easy knowing your data never leaves your organization. All data transmissions occur directly between your browser and Salesforce, eliminating the need for third-party services.

CSV Data Matching

Find and synchronize matching records from CSV data effortlessly, optimizing your data management procedures.

Refine, Align, Simplify with Dedupe & CSV Match Functions

Dedupe Function

Let’s Delve Deeper

  • Streamlined Selection

    Navigate and select the precise fields you wish to dedupe easily.

    How does this help you?

    Simplify your workflow and swiftly pinpoint the fields you want, saving time and avoiding unnecessary complications.

  • Enhanced Efficiency

    Set up a filter condition to dedupe only what’s necessary, making the process faster and more efficient.

    How does this help you?

    Avoid the hassle of going through irrelevant data and focus only on what needs attention, ensuring a smoother and more productive experience.

  • Secure Backup

    Export and back up identified duplicate records before merging as a safety measure.

    How does this help you?

    Eliminate the risk of data loss by securing your data, granting you peace of mind and the freedom to explore different merging options without worry.

  • Precision Merging

    Merge identified duplicate records accurately, ensuring data coherence and reliability.

    How does this help you?

    Maintain the integrity of your data by merging only the right records, avoiding inconsistencies and ensuring reliable and accurate data every time.

How It Works

  • 01.

    Select & Specify

    Choose fields for dedupe, like Name and Phone Number from
    a Lead.

    Detail match criteria for each selected field, ensuring exact or fuzzy matching as needed.

  • 02.

    Optimize & Display

    Opt to display additional fields, such as the Lead’s address fields.

    Setup filter conditions, deduplicating only a subset of the object’s records for efficiency.

  • 03.

    Post Identification Actions

    Export: Quickly export identified duplicates into Excel/CSV for review and validation.

    Backup: Securely backup the identified duplicate records before any merging actions.

    Merge with Ease: Seamlessly merge identified duplicates into a master record, automatically re-parenting any child records.

Experience a smoother, more reliable workflow, save time, and maintain the highest data integrity with Apsona’s intelligent dedupe function.

CSV Match Function

Let’s Delve Deeper

  • User-Friendly Operations

    Intuitive operation makes matching a breeze, even for the uninitiated.

    How does this help you?

    Skip the complex manuals and tutorials. Dive straight into matching with a user-friendly interface, making it accessible for everyone, regardless of their technical proficiency.

  • Precision Matching

    Whether it’s a fuzzy match or an alphanumerics-only match, find your perfect pair with ease.

    How does this help you?

    Gain accurate results and eliminate the guesswork. Whether you require a meticulous match or a broader one, the tool adapts to your needs, ensuring you find the exact data you’re looking for.

  • Unmodified Database Integrity

    Rest assured, your Salesforce database remains untouched and unaltered.

    How does this help you?

    Maintain the sanctity of your original data. Operate with confidence, knowing that your database remains intact, eliminating the risk of unintended alterations or data loss.

  • Enhanced Productivity

    Spend less time searching and more time focusing on what really matters.

    How does this help you?

    Optimize your workflow and free up your schedule. The quick and efficient matching process means more time for you to focus on strategic tasks and decision-making, boosting your overall productivity.

How It Works

  • 01.

    Provide Input

    Simply submit a CSV file containing data you want to find in your Salesforce database, such as Lead or Product data.

  • 02.

    Select & Match Fields

    Optimize by selecting fields in your object as bases for accurate matching.

  • 03.

    Specify Criteria

    Tailor your matching with specified criteria for each field, ensuring precision in alignment.

  • 04.

    Retrieve Comprehensive Output

    Obtain a comprehensive output CSV, combining all input data with corresponding matched Salesforce record data, and any additional fields required, ensuring the integrity of your original data.

Dive into a world where data synchronization is not a task but a seamless experience. Apsona’s CSV Matching function is your ticket to a more organized, efficient, and synchronized Salesforce experience.

Drive Efficiency & Precision with Apsona’s Dedupe & Match.

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Sophisticated Field Matching & Cleansing for Refined Data Integrity

Explore the sophistication and precision of Apsona’s advanced field matching and data cleansing feature. Our tool is meticulously designed to refine your data accuracy and integrity by offering:

Advanced Field Matching

Sophisticated criteria ensure precise matches, accommodating variants in:

  • company names(e.g., allowing for equivalent suffixes such as Inc. and Incorporated)
  • first names(e.g., treating Bob, Rob and Robert as the same) and more

Experience enhanced reliability with fuzzy matches and specific matches for phone numbers and zip codes.

Comprehensive Data Cleansing

Identify and normalize malformed data efficiently with cleaning functions for names, phone numbers, states, and zip codes, enhancing your overall data quality.


Streamline your data management experience by eliminating inconsistencies and embracing unparalleled precision and clarity.

Obtain refined and reliable data, ensuring smoother operations and more accurate analyses.

See How We Measure Up Against the Rest

Our solution distinguishes itself, comparable to renowned products in efficiency and reliability:

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Setup Prerequisite

Core Requirement

Apsona Dedupe & Match requires the base license of Apsona for Salesforce. Make sure it’s in place to experience all its features.

For Support and Guidance

For setup and configuration details or any additional support, refer to our comprehensive documentation.