All Your Salesforce Data, Just a Glance Away
With Grids

View, update, and manage data from multiple objects effortlessly. Say goodbye to endless clicks and hello to streamlined insights.

See What Our Users Have to Say

  • My favorite features: - tabular view with easy in-grid editing - all the value of a Google spreadsheet with the Salesforce integration.

    - Gillian Pressman

  • A couple of features stand out: - In-grid editing: Combined with table view, this is like working with an Excel spreadsheet. Brain-dead simple.

    - David Limiero

  • It is a heavyweight in so many areas including importing, mass updating records, reporting and viewing data from across multiple objects.

    - Greg Devine


Grids - The Power of a Comprehensive Data View, the Simplicity of a Single Screen

Grids empowers you to make real-time updates, edits, and even deletions without ever leaving the interface. It’s everything the modern Salesforce user has been looking for to seamlessly review data from multiple objects, enhance visibility, and simplify complex tasks in one unified view.

1. Single View for All Objects

  • Say goodbye to endless tabs. Experience a unified view where data from multiple objects coexists side-by-side, offering a holistic understanding.
  • Craft multiple grids within a single Visualforce page, showcasing unrelated object data and subgrids for all related insights.
  • Dive deeper into your data without the hassle of navigating through countless records and related lists.

2. Inline Create, Edit, and Delete

  • Empower your decision-making. Seamlessly create, modify, or remove records, ensuring your data remains fresh and actionable.

3. Conditional Formatting

  • Let your data speak to you. Use highlighting to pinpoint crucial insights and emphasize what truly matters, ensuring you're always a step ahead.

4. Embedded Grids

  • Elevate your data accessibility. Seamlessly integrate grids into related record detail pages, ensuring you always see the most pertinent data slices.

5. Advanced Sorting, Filtering, Summarizing, and Grouping

  • Take control of your data narrative. From sorting to filtering, craft a data story that aligns with your goals. Plus, with automatic numeric summaries, you're always in the know.

6. Mass Actions

  • Redefine efficiency. Whether you're updating multiple records or initiating bulk deletions, Grids ensures every action is swift and precise. Plus, with the ability to mass add tasks, your team's productivity is set to soar.

Real Solutions for Real
Salesforce Challenges with Grids

Case Management Efficiency

Quickly access and manage case details, ensuring urgent matters get immediate attention.

Attendance and Enrollment Tracking

View and modify multiple records effortlessly, simplifying attendance and enrollment processes.

Sales Insights at a Glance

Visualize opportunities, products, and contacts in one unified view, driving sales with insights.

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For End Users

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Enjoy the convenience of Grids as it operates seamlessly as a standalone add-on.
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