Apsona Scheduler

Transform Your Focus, Let Apsona Scheduler Automate the Routine

Automate your Salesforce reports, data exports, and notifications, freeing you to focus on strategic and innovative initiatives.

Hear What Our Users Think of Us

  • Apsona is such a wonderful product. We are excited to get all of our complex reports automated and be able to send to both Salesforce and non Salesforce folks in the same email. This product does just that and was easy to implement. A must have for any nonprofit.

    - Salesforce Admin, NDI New Mexico

Set It, Then Forget It. Satisfy Those Report Repeat Requests With Ease

Introducing the Apsona Scheduler, your essential tool for seamlessly integrating and automating tasks within Salesforce. With this add-on, you can:

1. Automate Reports

  • Schedule Apsona reports and multi-step reports to run at your preferred times, sending the results directly to chosen contacts, making sure the right people get the right information, right when they need it.

2. Generate Documents Effortlessly

  • Set up runs of merge actions from Apsona Email and Document Generator add-on to automatically create and send documents. (Note: Excel merge and address label merge are currently unsupported.)

3. Real-world Applications Include

  • Automatically delivering your weekly sales summary reports every Sunday at midnight to all relevant sales managers.
  • Running a merge action to:
    • Generate all pending invoices for the previous week every Friday at 6 pm, ensuring they reach the appropriate recipients.
    • Send out the day's schedule to your field service personnel every day at 6 am, keeping everyone informed and organized.

A Step-by-Step Guide on How Apsona Scheduler Works

Step 1


The Apsona Scheduler utilizes Salesforce’s OAuth 2.0 facility for secure and efficient user authentication, ensuring a seamless and secure user experience.
Step 2


The Scheduler service is programmed to wake up at regular intervals—every six hours, to be precise (e.g. midnight, 6 am, noon, and so on).
Step 3

Login & Authentication

Upon awakening, the Scheduler logs into your org using the OAuth credentials you’ve provided, maintaining the integrity and security of your data.
Step 4

Task Scheduling & Execution

Post login, the Scheduler checks for any tasks scheduled to be run during that time frame. It seamlessly runs the tasks, processes the results, and, if required, sends out the necessary emails to keep all stakeholders informed.
Step 5

Back to Rest

After executing all scheduled tasks and processes, the Scheduler goes back to sleep, ready to wake up again in the next six-hour interval and ensure that your organization continues to run like clockwork.

Quick Insight

The Scheduler relies heavily on Salesforce’s SOAP API for efficient data retrieval, ensuring that your tasks are not only executed on time but are also backed by the most accurate and up-to-date information available.

Effortless Automation
With Apsona Scheduler, Guaranteed

Timely Notifications

  • Stay informed with real-time alerts for significant activities.
  • Respond swiftly to manage notifications for timely interventions.

Enhanced Productivity

  • Experience tailored solutions boosting productivity and reducing errors.
  • Navigate effortlessly through a user-friendly interface for efficient task management.

Elevate Operational Approach

  • Discover convenience and advanced capabilities with precise management of every task.
  • Ensure stability and dependability for confident task scheduling and smooth operations.

Deliver Value, Even When You’re Not on the Clock

Just Clicks, No Code - Empowering Admins With Apsona Scheduler

  • Scheduling a Report

    Effortlessly schedule Apsona reports to run at desired times, delivering precise and timely information directly to the selected contacts. This feature ensures the right individuals receive the crucial data they need, exactly when they need it, optimizing the decision-making process.

  • Scheduling a Merged Action

    With Apsona Scheduler, setting up merged actions is a smooth process. Automate the creation and dispatch of documents, empowering your operations with streamlined document generation and delivery, all while reducing manual effort and the likelihood of errors.

  • Managing a Scheduled Job

    Take control of your scheduled tasks with Apsona’s intuitive management features. Easily modify, monitor, or remove scheduled jobs, ensuring optimal operation and alignment with your organizational goals. This feature grants you the flexibility and control needed to adapt to evolving business needs quickly.

Send Schedule, Review Results,
All in Salesforce

  • Interpreting Run Results

    Navigate through each Run Result record to access crucial insights and interpret the impact and success of your scheduled tasks, refining your approach for optimal results.

  • Generated Item Count

    Gain a clear view of each task’s productivity and output with this pivotal guide, steering you towards enhanced efficiency and refined strategy in your scheduled tasks.

  • Access & Interpretation

    Easily unravel information in Run Result records, optimizing workflow and strategy through effective data interpretation and informed decision-making.

  • Managing Scheduler Usage

    Maintain balanced and efficient task management with clarity on how many runs are left and clear insights into run usage, ensuring smooth organizational operations.

  • Proactive Usage Insights

    Stay informed and empowered to manage and allocate resources effectively, optimizing scheduler usage to suit your organization’s unique needs.

  • Managing Run and Usage Insights

    Efficiently know and allocate your resource and run availability with Apsona Scheduler, ensuring balanced task management according to organizational needs.

Before You Dive In,
Let’s Get You Set Up Right!

Apsona Base Module

For Apsona Scheduler to work its magic, it’s essential to have Apsona for Salesforce as the foundational stone.

Multi-step Reporting Add-on

Craving to schedule Multi-step reports? You’ll need to integrate the Multi-step Reporting add-on; it’s a must!

Email and Document Generator Add-on

Wanting to schedule merge actions? The Email and Document Generator add-on is your ticket!


No, we do not store your credentials. Apsona’s scheduler uses Salesforce’s OAuth 2.0 capability to run your reports for you. This ensures that your credentials are not stored anywhere outside Salesforce.
No, because Apsona’s Scheduler uses Salesforce-issued OAuth security tokens to access your data. Your scheduled reports will continue to work even if you change your password.
No. When the report must be executed, the scheduler queries your Salesforce database directly, extracts only the necessary data, constructs and formats the report and sends off the email messages. The data is never stored anywhere on our servers, not even temporarily.
The total size of the HTML email body, HTML attachment or CSV attachment cannot exceed 20 MB. If your email body or attachment exceeds that limit, the email you receive will include an error message indicating the size of the generated attachment, so that you can tweak your report to reduce the attachment size.
The scheduler sends its emails through your Salesforce org. So these messages count against your message quota, which is usually at least 1,000 messages a day.
Scheduling Apsona Reports Scheduling Apsona Emails with attached Doc Merges
Scheduler only sends first block of a Multi-block (not linked) Report. Excel files, Address labels, and Merge Actions with sublists can’t be used.
Rich Text Fields, Hyperlinked Formula Text, QR and Bar codes are not supported. Rich Text Fields, Hyperlinked Formula Text, QR and Bar codes, and Multi-Currency is not supported with Scheduler.
Scheduling when “Use Separate Files” is selected produces unexpected outcomes.
Scheduler does not work with documents that have sublists that use Multi-step Reporting.
To install this add-on:
  1. Visit our AppExchange listing and click the “Get It Now” button. Then proceed through the on-screen directions to install the add-on into your org.
  2. Contact us for a license for the add-on for your org.

Excited to Delve Deeper Into Apsona Scheduler?

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