Optimized Licensing for Specialized Roles

Discover the perfect fit – licenses designed for unique business roles.

Selecting the
Right Apsona License

At Apsona, we do understand that not all user roles require the same level of access or functionality at your organization. To help with this, we offer specialized licenses, designed to cater to the diverse needs of your team. These licenses provide a cost-effective way to ensure that each member of your organization has exactly the tools they need, without the overhead of unnecessary features.
We’ve developed two distinct types of specialized licenses which are priced to fit end users needing single feature sets. After purchasing 10 add-on licenses, the following end user licenses become available:

View-Only Licenses

Ideal for users who need to access reports and insights without the necessity of full data manipulation capabilities.

Button-Merge-Only Licenses

Perfect for users whose primary requirement is to generate documents through a simple button click in Salesforce.

View-Only Licenses: Simplified Access for Essential Needs

Apsona's View-Only License caters to the "light" users within your organization who primarily engage in running reports and generating documents. This mode is designed to be straightforward and minimalist, focusing on the essential functionalities required for these tasks.

Efficient and Streamlined User Experience

In the View-Only mode, users have access to:

  • Reports and Dashboards

    Users can view and run available single-step and multi-step reports. They can immediately see the results and temporarily adjust filter settings for specific report runs, without altering the saved settings. Additionally, with an Apsona Charts add-on license, users can access relevant dashboards.

  • Document Generation

    For users with a document merge license, document generation is facilitated through easy-to-use buttons and links.

Focused Functionality

The View-Only License intentionally excludes:

  • Complex Features

    It omits views like console, tabular, or calendar, and functionalities such as importing and mass updates.

  • Editing Capabilities

    Users cannot edit or clone reports, ensuring a focus on report viewing and generation.

Customized Report Visibility

The visibility of reports in View-Only mode is meticulously determined by the user's Apsona configuration:

  • Single-step Reports

    These are always available, but a report will only be visible if the object it uses is marked as available in the user's Apsona configuration. This means that reports using fields from unavailable objects for display or filtering will not appear in the user's list.

  • Multi-step Reports

    Available with a multi-step report license, and their visibility depends on the accessibility of all objects used in each step of the report.

  • Dashboards

    Users can view a dashboard only if all the reports and objects used in the dashboard's charts are accessible according to their Apsona configuration.

Button-Merge-Only Licenses: Streamlined Document Generation

Apsona's Button-Merge-Only License is tailored for users who need to generate documents in Salesforce with a single click. This license type is the epitome of streamlined functionality, ideal for "point merge" tasks – creating individual documents in a single click, without hassle.

Focused Functionality

  • Document Generation

    Users can only access document generation buttons on Salesforce detail record pages, aligning with their primary task of quick document creation. Buttons can be used to create MS Word, MS Excel, PDF outputs - as well as be used to send emails from the detail page record.

  • Restricted Access

    This license excludes access to the Apsona interface, reports, and any embedded views or charts in Salesforce, maintaining a clear focus on document generation.

Custom Button Setup

  • Administrator-Managed Buttons

    System Administrators create and place these buttons on relevant Salesforce layouts, ensuring easy access for users.

  • Simplified Process

    The setup process for these buttons is detailed here, guiding administrators in customizing this functionality for their organization.

Efficient License Assignment: A Guide for Administrators

Apsona’s License Management feature streamlines the process of managing and assigning view-only or button-merge licenses, making it a straightforward task for administrators. This feature ensures that each user in your organization has the appropriate level of access.

Accessing License Management

Navigating to License Management
Administrators can access this feature by selecting Apsona – Settings – Manage Licenses. This opens a popup window that displays the current license assignments.
License Assignment Interface
The Assigned Users tab within the popup allows administrators to view and manage license assignments.

Understanding the License Assignment Interface

License Overview
The rightmost columns of the interface display the specific product licenses assigned to each user.
Access Level Columns
The middle columns indicate the user’s access level, whether standard, view-only, or button-merge-only. These columns are visible only if your organization has purchased view-only or button-merge-only licenses.
Modifying Access Levels
Administrators can easily change a user’s access level by clicking the Edit button, making the necessary adjustments, and then saving the new assignment. This flexibility allows for quick updates and modifications to user access as needed.

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