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Salesforce Data Simplified, Your Mission Amplified

Streamline your Salesforce data, engage your donors, and amplify your impact with tools designed for non-profits.

Success Stories from Our Community

  • The ability to quickly search, mass edit, import/export records, among other things, makes life so much
    easier, especially as a non-profit Admin. They're also huge supporters of the non-profit community, which I greatly appreciate.

    - Kevin Tooey

    PFLAG Seattle
  • …the ability for users to mass add task records and merge numerous documents makes a big difference in how non-profit staff are able to efficiently manage donor relationships. This is one of the best tools I've ever used!

    - Megan Moorehead

  • This app helped me use Salesforce so much more fully and efficiently, filling in gaps between what our basic nonprofit starter pack could do and what we needed. The staff has also been very patient and friendly with all my questions, and the resources on their website have been very helpful.

    - Mary Kay Page

  • My processes for case management and donor management are more streamlined, my program data is more sophisticated and current, and I don't have to work as many late nights to get it all done. Thanks, Apsona!

    - Sara Figal

    Nashville Conflict Resolution Center

Why Choose Apsona for Your Non-Profit's Salesforce Data Management Needs?

Universal Compatibility

Works with all non-profit versions of Salesforce, including Nonprofit Cloud NPSP (Non-Profit Success Pack), Causeview, Luminate, Affinaquest, NGO Connect, and any Salesforce managed package.

Batch Gift Entry

Specially crafted for non-profit organizations, Apsona's Batch Gift Entry simplifies the management of check donations within Salesforce's NPSP, ensuring a seamless gift entry process.

Salesforce CRM Integration

Integrates with Salesforce-native CRM objects, including Leads and Campaigns, for a comprehensive data management experience.

Nonprofit Cloud Support

With new applications from Salesforce feature sets - Apsona enables you to do more with newly available objects from Nonprofit Cloud.

Customizable Workflow

Allows you to select and manage specific objects within Apsona using the configuration manager, tailoring the tool to your organization's needs.

Extended Application Support

Automatically includes custom objects from other non-profit-specific applications installed in your Salesforce environment.

NPSP Object Support

Offers support for all NPSP objects such as Donations, Households, Contacts, Organizations, Affiliations, and more.

Simplified Data Import

Enables easy data record uploads in CSV format across all objects, streamlining the data entry process.

Intelligent Auto-Configuration

Automatically detects NPSP installation and configures to showcase relevant non-profit objects, fields, and functionalities.

Apsona’s Exclusive Pricing for Non-Profits

If you’re recognized as a 501(c)3 charity by the U.S. IRS or an equivalent in your country, you’re eligible for our special non-profit rates. Please note that government entities and other tax-exempt organizations without 501(c)3 status do not qualify for these discounts. Our commitment to supporting your cause starts with affordability, with these rates effective as of January 1, 2024.
Product Function Base Package Number of Users Included in Base Package Additional Cost per User Free Trial
Apsona for Salesforce Core functionality including searches, filtering, import/export, mass update, simple reports, and more. $510/yr 3 users $170/yr Click here
Add-ons that require Apsona for Salesforce base licensing
Grids Simplify data viewing and updating with easy-to-use grids. $800/yr 10 users $80/yr Click here
Multi-step Reporting Advanced multi-object reporting with flexible field joins. $540/yr 3 users $180/yr Click here
Dedupe and Match Efficient single-table deduplication and matching records, including fuzzy matches. $660/yr 3 users $220/yr Click here
Email and Document Merge Personalize and generate Word, PDF, Excel documents, labels, and emails using Salesforce data. $360/yr 3 users $120/yr Contact us
Included with Apsona for Salesforce Installation
Charting and Dashboards Create insightful charts and dashboards from Apsona reports. $450/yr 3 users $150/yr Contact us
Scheduler Automate Apsona reports and document/email merges on a defined schedule. See Scheduler Pricing Organization wide How many reports do you need to deliver?

How many documents do you need to deliver?
Contact us
Batch Gift Entry - NPSP version Allows manual creation of gift processing. $660/yr 3 users $220/yr Contact us
View-Only Reports Limited usability where user can search, filter and export single step reports but not edit the structure. Available after purchasing 10 Apsona for Salesforce Licenses Not Applicable $140/yr Contact us
View-Only (Including Multi-step Reports) Limited usability where user can search, filter and export single step & multi-step reports but not edit the structure. Available after purchasing 10 Apsona for Salesforce and 10 Mulit-Step Reporting licenses Not Applicable $180/yr Contact us
Button Merge Only Generate on demand docs from Salesforce Record pages. Available after purchasing 10 Apsona for Salesforce and 10 Document and Email merge Licenses Not Applicable $140/yr Contact us
Button Merge (Including Multi-step Reports) Generate on demand docs from Salesforce Record pages (for multi-step reports) Available after purchasing 10 Apsona for Salesforce, 10 Document and Email Merge and 10 Multi-Step Reporting licenses Not Applicable $230/yr Contact us
iATS Connector Process credit card payments for gifts via Apsona's Batch Gift Entry tool. $1,300/yr + $500 one-time setup fee Organization wide Not Applicable Contact us

Pricing Structure for Scheduler

Scheduled Reports by Tier - Organization Wide

Tier Size Price (per run)*
Tier 1 Any number of runs between 1000 - 9,999 $0.22
Tier 2 Any number of runs between 10,000 – 24,999 $0.13
Tier 3 Any number of runs above 25,000 $0.09
Enterprise Contact us for pricing
*Scheduler Pricing is determined per run for Scheduled Reports, enabling you to buy only the quantity you require until your renewal date. Runs do not roll over from one year to the next. One “run” is one report sent to unlimited email addresses.

Scheduled Document & Email Merge by Tier - Organization Wide

Tier Size Price (per merge)*
Tier 1 Any number of merges between 600 - 3,999 $0.37
Tier 2 Any number of merges between 4,000 - 9,999 $0.28
Tier 3 Any number of merges between 10,000 - 49,000 $0.22
Enterprise Contact us for pricing
*Scheduler Pricing is determined per merge for Scheduled Documents/Emails, enabling you to buy only the quantity you require until your renewal date. Merges do not roll over from one year to the next. Each generated document or email is one “merge.”

Launch Into Efficiency:
Your Guide to Starting With Apsona

Before you begin your journey with Apsona, here are a couple of things to keep in mind:
Begin your journey to a more efficient Salesforce experience with Apsona for Salesforce. It’s the cornerstone that supports all other Apsona add-ons, designed to enhance and simplify your workflow. Ensure you have this base module in place to unlock the full potential of our comprehensive toolset.

Your Path to Easy Installation of the Base Module

Visit our AppExchange listing to find Apsona for Salesforce.
Hit the “Get it now” button to initiate the process.
Follow the straightforward prompts in the installation wizard, and you’re set to go!

Do You Need Apsona for
Your Experience Cloud Implementation?

(earlier termed community or partner users).
Discover our exclusive volume license pricing, crafted for your needs.

Driving Non-Profit Missions
Forward With Donated Apsona Licenses

At Apsona, we believe in supporting the vital work of non-profit organizations. That’s why we offer donated licenses of Apsona for Salesforce to help qualifying non-profits enhance their operations.

Included in Your Donation

Three User Licenses
Get started with three user licenses for Apsona for Salesforce, available for use in one Salesforce production org, completely free of charge.
Annual Renewal
We renew these donations yearly to support your ongoing success.
Email Support
Access to email-based support to assist you whenever you need it.

Please note:

While the donation generously covers Apsona for Salesforce licenses, it does not extend to additional products like Apsona Multi-step Reporting, Email and Document Merge, or Batch Gift Entry. However, these are available for purchase at a discounted rate for non-profits.

Eligibility for Donation

Non-Profit Certification
Your organization must possess a 501(c)3 certification or its international equivalent.
Type of Institution
We focus on supporting non-governmental, non-religious, and non-educational institutions.
Revenue Threshold
Your annual gross revenue should not exceed US $250,000.

Other criteria:

Step-by-Step: Securing and Renewing Your Licenses Donated by Apsona

Qualifying for Donated Licenses

Non-Profit Status Documentation

Submit a PDF of your 501(c)3 certification to

License Count Certification

Email us the number of Salesforce licenses in your organization.

Revenue Certification

Include your previous year’s total revenue as per your IRS form 990 (line 12) or form 990-EZ (line 9), ensuring it does not exceed US $250,000.

User Adoption Demonstration

Trial Period Installation
Install Apsona for Salesforce via AppExchange and engage your users for a comprehensive trial spanning a reasonable period of time. Default trials are 30 days, with an option for a two-week extension upon request. Please email us on for an extension or contact us here.
Usage Description
After trial, describe how Apsona is used in your organization through a brief email or Word document.

Renewing Your Donated Licenses

Annual Review

Donated licenses are subject to annual renewal based on continued eligibility.

Active Use Requirement

To conserve resources, unused licenses will expire after one year.

Commitment to Utility

If you find value in our software, we’re committed to reactivating any expired licenses upon request.

Our Commitment

Support for Those in Need

Apsona reserves the right to assess eligibility for donated licenses, ensuring our contributions effectively aid those in need. We’re here to support your mission with tools that make a difference.

Ready to Amplify Your
Non-Profit's Impact With Apsona?

Apply now to secure your donated licenses and join the community of non-profits thriving with Apsona’s suite of solutions.


Apsona offers a suite of Salesforce tools that are tailored to the unique needs of non-profits, including special pricing, dedicated features like Batch Gift Entry, and seamless integration with the Non-Profit Success Pack (NPSP).

Apsona seamlessly detects and configures itself to work with NPSP, providing support for all its objects and functionalities, which allows for efficient management of donations, households, and other non-profit data within Salesforce.

Yes, Apsona offers special pricing and donated licenses to qualifying non-profit organizations to ensure they can access our tools at a cost that fits their budget.

Non-profits can apply for donated licenses by providing documentation of their non-profit status, a certification of their license count, and evidence of their revenue, among other requirements detailed on our website.
Donated licenses include access to Apsona for Salesforce, with email-based support. Additional products such as Multi-step Reporting, Email and Document Merge, or Batch Gift Entry can be purchased at a discounted rate.

Apsona’s Batch Gift Entry feature is specifically designed for non-profits to efficiently manage donation data entry, fully integrated with NPSP for real-time data synchronization.