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Testimonials: The Difference Apsona Charting Makes

  • We started using the Pivot Table Chart in the new Apsona Charts and Dashboards. It's like Salesforce matrix reports with more than two (at least five in our case) row and column field specifications reaching across multiple objects. I'm not sure how we survived without it.

    - Lloyd Leanse

  • …my CFO is delighted to be able to generate Excel pivot reports in real-time with the click of a mouse.

    - Alice Summers


Experience Apsona Charting's All-in-One Visualization Platform

Diverse Charts, One Place

Whether you’re keen on bar charts, pie charts, pivot tables, or tracking KPIs, Apsona Charting offers a spectrum of visualization tools tailored for every analytical need.

Unified Salesforce Experience

Apsona Charting is an extension of your Salesforce environment. Whether you’re working with native or custom objects, or even Apsona’s own reports and multi-step reports, everything integrates smoothly.

Versatile Display Options

Whether you want your dashboards to stand alone, be a part of your Salesforce home page, or even as related lists in detail pages, we’ve got you covered.

Universal Compatibility

Whether you’re on Windows, MacOS, or Linux, and regardless of your browser choice, Apsona Charting is designed to work seamlessly.

Dashboards That Speak Volumes

Aggregate your data into intuitive dashboards that not only look good but also convey critical information instantly. With our drag-and-drop interface, designing these dashboards becomes a breeze.

Real-Time, All the Time

In the fast-paced world of business, data from yesterday might as well be from last year. With Apsona Charting, you’re always looking at the most current data, rendered in real-time.

Your Data Stays Yours

In an age where data privacy is paramount, rest easy knowing Apsona Charting is a purely native Salesforce application. Your data remains in your Salesforce org, untouched by external data stores.

Efficient Data Filtering

Need to drill down into specific data subsets? Filter your dashboard data on-the-fly with just a few intuitive clicks.

Understanding Prerequisites Before You Jump In

Foundational Requirement

Apsona Charting operates atop Apsona for Salesforce. Purchasing the base license module is essential for its functionality.

Integration with Multi-step Reporting

While Apsona Charting integrates flawlessly with Apsona Multi-step Reporting when available, it’s not a necessity for using Charting.

From Sales to Services:
Apsona Charting's Versatile Applications

Sales Teams

Apsona Charting revolutionizes the way sales teams operate. With real-time dashboards, get a clear view of your sales pipeline, track both closed and open deals, and identify key opportunities that can make a difference.

Support Teams

Enhance customer support with dashboards tailored for monitoring satisfaction levels. Keep an eye on case closure rates, track escalations, and ensure you're always meeting customer expectations.


Fundraising is the lifeblood of any non-profit. With Apsona Charting, visualize the effectiveness of your campaigns, track repeat donations, and understand the preferences of your key sponsors and donors.

Business Monitoring

It's not just about data; it's about understanding the health of your business. Use outcome management and monitoring dashboards to get a comprehensive view of your business performance, ensuring you're always on the right track.

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