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#1 Resolution:

When in doubt, Clear Apsona's Cache

Apsona is a browser based application and uses a browser cache to hold Apsona and Salesforce settings. This keeps us lean and fast! 

This cache is unique to every user, computer, and browser. Whenever you make changes in Salesforce (ie: new fields, objects, or user permissions) Apsona won't see them until the cache is cleared. Try it out....didn't work?...ok, read on.

Missing fields, objects, or can’t see an Apsona product?

  1. Ask affected Apsona users to clear Apsona’s cache on their own machines

  2. Check the affected profile’s Apsona Configuration

  3. Visit “Manage Licenses” in Apsona (this is where you assign Doc Merge)

  4. Can’t see the Apsona Tab?

  5. Review user’s Salesforce Profile and Permission Sets

Mail Merge or Template not working as expected?

  1. Merge fields not working? Use Word's insert tool (here's a GIF)

  2. Too many documents from Sublists? Hint: Use 2 data sources (diagram)

  3. Can't access Logging Options? Hint: include the object ID in your report

  4. Need other users to edit your merge actions?

  5. Struggling to merge an image saved as a Salesforce File?

  6. Too many clicks to create merge fields? Try this macro, here's a video

Common Errors

  1. "SoqlBuilder: Can't find field..." - user doesn't have the right field or object access

  2. "Semi join sub-selects" - It's an issue with "OR" logic in your filter

  3. "Apex Time Out" or "Apex CPU Time Limit Exceeded" - Reduce your Batch Size

  4. "Found 'ELSE' without a matching IF field" - check your merge fields, make sure your table merge fields are build properly

  5. "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties" - Do you have a VPN?

  6. "Domain refused to connect" - Try this or this

  7. "Internal error: ap__039 - user doesn't have the right field or object access

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Helpful Installation and Licensing Resources
Installing Apsona Products?
Assigning Licenses?
Troubleshooting License Assignment?
Installing Apsona Products?

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Assigning Licenses?
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Troubleshooting License Assignment?
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Helpful Reporting links!
Check out our Filtering and Reporting Playlist on YouTube!

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Helpful Document and Email Merge links!
Check out our Intro Video to Document Generation on YouTube!

These support articles might have the answer you need:
Helpful Import and Export links!
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These support articles might have the answer you need:
Helpful Deduplication and Match links!
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Helpful Batch Gift Entry links!
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Helpful Apsona Grids links!
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Helpful Scheduler links!
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These support articles might have the answer you need:
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  • The best remedy for inevitable dupes. Love how easy it is to compare more than two (2) apparent duplicates and make the best decision on which should be the master and what should be merged. And the price is definitely right for this incredibly powerful and productive tool!!

    - Melissa Hill Dees

  • Customer service is second to none, and always ready to walk you through any scenario!

    - Gerald Massa

  • Customer service has also been really awesome, and they offer a lot of good resources for users who are getting started (their Youtube channel is great).

    - Kaitlyn Sanborn

  • I reached out to customer service to help me figure out how to make the certificates conditional and they worked with me patiently until we found a solution. I'm very happy with this product and their customer service!

    - Brenna Everson

  • It's rare that I need support because their documentation is excellent, but when I do, questions are answered quickly and their entire team is professional and knowledgeable--and they always make me feel valued as a customer. Keep up the good work Apsona!

    - Laurie Gardner