Apsona For Salesforce – Nonprofits

Apsona for salesforce now supports Salesforce for Nonprofits. When you sign up for your account, Apsona auto-detects the Non-Profit Starter Pack and reconfigures itself to display the NPSP objects.

Apsona supports all the objects in the NPSP: Donations, Households, Contacts, Organizations, Affiliations, etc., in addition to the salesforce-native CRM objects such as Lead and Campaign.

With Apsona for Salesforce(NPSF) you can do:

– Easy imports (upload) of data records into multiple related objects with just a single CSV file. So for example, households and contacts to the household can be imported with one csv file.
– Easy export of the fields you choose, from any filtered set of records from any object.
– Sophisticated searching, filtering and cross-object searches (searching one object based on fields from a related object, e.g., finding all Organizations that have at least $x in donations).
– Run exception reports. For example, you can instantly get a report of all your Organizations which have no donations.

Apsona for salesforce(NPSF) offers a 30 day free trial and is available on the Salesforce.com appexchange.http://appexchange.salesforce.com/listingDetail?listingId=a0N30000003JejzEAC

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