Apsona Multi-step Reporting

Apsona.com is happy to announce their new app Apsona Multi-step Reporting on the Salesforce AppExchange. This is a powerful browser based tool for reporting across any number of Salesforce objects – native and custom. The only requirement is that you need to have installed Apsona For Salesforce before using this app. The key benefits include:

– Cross object reports on any number of objects, native or custom, no matter how the objects are related
– Fully browser-based, no plugins or add-ons needed
– Works within your salesforce org
– Simple, intuitive user interface
– Your data stays in your org: it is not copied to an external store, unlike many other reporting tools
– Reports reflect the most current state of your data, not a snapshot stored in some external store
– No need to create or manage report types in Salesforce
– You can export the report results instantly into an Excel spreadsheet or in CSV format
– No Apex, VisualForce or other coding required

Apsona Multi-step Reporting is a good fit for routine data management needs, where you need a quick report that you wish to export to a spreadsheet program (such as Excel) where you can perform further analysis, manipulation and import or update back into Salesforce.  It is built using the foundation layer provided by Apsona for Salesforce. A 30 day free trial is offered on the AppExchange.

To try Multi-step Reporting, you will need Apsona for Salesforce if you do not already have it. Below are the links to our listings.

AppExchange listing for Apsona for Salesforce

AppExchange listing for Apsona Multi-step Reporting

We welcome all feedback.

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