Batch Gift Entry – A new add-on to Apsona for Salesforce

If you are a non-profit organization that receives periodic gift checks that you need to enter into your Salesforce database, you know that the process can be a bit tedious. With each gift check, you will need  to navigate through quite a number of pages to search, to create or update data. Each gift in turn needs to be linked to the right Opportunity, Account, Contact, Contact Role and Payment objects. If the Opportunity and Contact records do not exist in the Salesforce database, they will need to be created and the corresponding gifts need to be linked to them.

To help with this situation, we at Apsona have created a new add-on, Batch Gift Entry (BGE), intended for non-profit organizations who use the Salesforce Foundation’s Non-profit Starter Pack (NPSP).  This add-on takes care of the both the scenarios – creating new records as well as updating existing ones. You can enter gifts in batches, where each batch contains a list of gift items to be committed, Once you have entered a batch and committed it, all the items in the batch are copied into the appropriate fields in the Payment and Donation records. New Donation, Payment, or Donation Contact Role records are created as necessary and are automatically linked together to maintain consistency with the NPSP data model. The user interface is designed to offer a keyboard-friendly process for the batch gift entry user and to make the entire data entry sequence as quick and painless as possible.

The Batch Entry interface works just like most other aspects of Apsona, showing a searchable list of batches you have created. You can create a batch whose items contain any subset of fields from your Opportunity and Payment objects. You can also clone existing batches, so that you don’t have to recreate any of the logic from previous batches. The batch entry screen includes the usual search, sort and in-place edit features for manipulating the batch items in uncommitted batches.

When you have finished entering all the gifts and click the Commit button, a cross check is made to ensure that the number of items and amount match the numbers when the batch template was created. Any mismatches will keep the batch from being committed.

You can also run filters and reports on the batches needed for reconciliation with Apsona’s Multi-step Reports. For example, you can run a report for Batch Name, Commitment Date, First Name, Last Name, Donation Name, Amount, Payment Type, Check Number and Check Date.

Most of our enhancements to the Apsona apps are user requests and feedback. So we look forward to all your valuable feedback and comments. Do keep them coming! Please visit our website page for more details. You might also enjoy reading Judi Sohn’s blog where she comprehensively covers Apsona’s Batch Gift Entry.

And grateful thanks to our friends at KELL Partners for initiating this project and for all their input and support. Please make sure to read our product page for Batch Gift Entry, watch a video, and try it out!

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