Campaign management with Apsona for Salesforce

Apsona for Salesforce includes some features that make it much easier to manage campaigns and associated members. Two of the most common functions for campaign management are these:

  1. Find the leads or contacts that meet specific criteria;
  2. Create a new campaign, and add all the leads found in step 1 to that campaign.

Performing these functions within salesforce takes a good bit of work, for two reasons:

  • Salesforce’s native tools for finding filtered sets of records are somewhat limiting. Pretty much the only way you can filter on arbitrary fields is to create a new Lead or Contact view. So you would have to iterate between the ‘create view’ and ‘see the view’ screens within salesforce. Moreover, the view does not let you search across multiple objects, so (for example) there is no way for you to exclude the contacts who were already contacted in an existing campaign.
  • Adding leads to a campaign can only be done in batches of 250, which is one pageful. If you have a large number of leads (say 5,000) that you want to add to a particular campaign, it takes a lot of clicking.

Apsona for Salesforce makes this entire process a lot simpler. As an example, consider the realistic scenario where you already have a good number (say, 50) of campaign records in your system. Suppose now that you are focusing on three specific campaigns, named Spring 2011, Summer 2011 and Fall 2011,  and you want create a new campaign containing all the leads who were not contacted in those campaigns.

  1. In Apsona for Salesforce, run a filtered search for those contacts that do not belong in any of the specified campaigns:
  2. Click the Tools – Add to Campaign menu item.
  3. In the resulting popup, choose the campaign you want, and click Ok.

This will add to the campaign all the contacts selected in your filter, not just those in the first visible page. This makes it a lot easier than having to click through multiple pages.

Check out our website for more details on managing campaigns and campaign members with Apsona For Salesforce.

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