Mass Adding Contacts or Leads to a Campaign in Salesforce

With’s powerful Campaign Management you can you reach a large number of contacts, customers and leads (leads), track campaign budgets and effectiveness. Salesforce also includes standard campaign reports such as ROI analysis, Member analysis, Revenue, Influenced opportunities, and many more such reports. Whilst all this functionality exists in Salesforce the task of identifying the Leads to a Campaign can be very time consuming. Additionally, there is a batch size restriction of only 250 leads in a given time.

Here is where Apsona for Salesforce comes in. You can identify the Leads or Contacts to a Campaign and add them as Campaign members with just a few clicks. Let us take a use case where you would like to find all your Leads with phone numbers from 5 different area codes and then add them to a campaign. With Apsona’s powerful filter logic such data can be got in seconds. The snappy web 2.0 interface with no page refreshes gives you a great user experience without losing context. You can choose any number of fields to use as search terms, and save your searches as filters so that they can be reused. Once you have got all the required data to to be added, just click the Add to Campaign button found under the Tools menu. Here, choose the Campaign name from the drop down(all the Campaign names will show up). You will also see the number of records that will be added, for example, All 2500 Contact records will be added to the campaign you choose. Click Ok and the records are immediately added to the Campaign. With Apsona there is no batch size restriction and you can add any number of records in a given time.

The Add to Campaign feature with Apsona saves users time and effort. The attached video shows the Add to Campaign feature.

Apsona for Salesforce offers a 30 day free trial and is available on the appexchange

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