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We are very happy to announce a partnership with the excellent folks at Cloud for Good, who specialize in helping non-profit organizations make effective use of cloud technologies.  The first fruit of this partnership is Over the Edge, a tool for for helping Raiser’s Edge users migrate to Over the Edge is a step-by-step tool to extract, transform, and load Raiser’s Edge data into Salesforce’s Nonprofit Starter Pack. Over The Edge eliminates the most painful aspect of such migration, that of copying your data records while maintaining the relationships between them. It performs the entire migration from Raiser’s Edge to a Salesforce instance in just four easy steps: Set up connections, map objects and fields, set options and migrate data. In doing so, it retains the relationships between your Contact, Organization, Donation and Campaign records so that you can see them correctly linked in your Salesforce org.

The current configuration of Over the Edge includes the ability to export the main Raiser’s Edge tables into a CSV file or directly map your Raiser’s Edge fields to any standard or custom fields in Salesforce. Fields from Raiser’s Edge have been mapping to the standard fields in Salesforce and data is directly imported into Contacts, Organizations (Accounts), Donations (Opportunities), Campaigns, Affiliations, and even automatically create Households for you.

To know more about the tool and migration please join a webinar on Wednesday, August 22nd at 11am PDT.

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