Apsona ShopAdmin support for OpenCart 1.5

We’re very happy to announce an update for Apsona ShopAdmin to support the new OpenCart version 1.5. This version supports the Customer, Order, Product, Ordered Product and Manufacturer tables, with all the usual features for search, import, export and update.

A key difficulty that caused the delay in providing with update was that there are several database-level changes in OpenCart version 1.5, and we had to ensure that we could preserve as much functionality as possible. One issue is that this OpenCart version significantly changes the way product options are handled. ShopAdmin will need some core updates to accommodate these database changes. So, rather than delay the release of ShopAdmin support for 1.5, we chose to temporarily suspend supporting the product options objects within ShopAdmin. We hope to be able to accommodate product options in the near future.

Some things to note:

  • If you are currently using OpenCart 1.4 and wish to migrate to use ShopAdmin after migrating to OpenCart 1.5, please download the ShopAdmin update zip file from our downloads area. The zip file contains apsona_index.php, which you should use to replace the existing file in your shopping cart with the same name.
  • If you have a fresh install of OpenCart 1.5, you can sign up for ShopAdmin, and you will receive an email with directions on how to proceed.

We hope that ShopAdmin continues to be useful to you. As always, please let us know your comments!

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