Contacts in one campaign but not in another

Filter: contacts in one campaign but not in another #

Marketing efforts often need us to find Contacts who have been a part of one Campaign but not another. Apsona’s filters include a quantified search feature that makes this easy to achieve. Below, for example, is a filter that finds Contact records in the “Blood Pressure Clinic” campaign but not in the “Kids Toy Drive” campaign.


Since there can be one or more Campaign Member records for each Contact, Apsona offers the quantifier choices (“at least one record”, “all records” and “no records”) when selecting terms for Campaign Member. The filter includes two terms. The above filter uses this feature in both its terms. The first term requires at least one Campaign Member record whose Campaign is “Blood Pressure Clinic”, and the second requires that there should be no Campaign Member records with the “Kids Toy Drive” campaign. 

You can also include or exclude multiple campaigns in this way. For instance, suppose you wanted Contacts which are in Campaigns A and B but not in Campaigns C and D. Simply select both A and B for the first term, and both C and D for the second term. Below is a screen shot illustrating how this is done. 

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