Opportunity growth year-over-year, by Account type

Opportunity growth year-over-year, by Account Type #

This example shows a report that displays year-over-year variation of Opportunity count and Opportunity value, summarized by Account Type. Below is a screen shot with some dummy data. 

The report uses three steps.

  1. The first step retrieves data from the Opportunity object. It retrieves the Account Type field and the two opportunity metrics, count and total amount, and is filtered on Opportunities closing in 2012.
  2. The subsequent steps are identical to the first step, except that they vary their filter condition to suit the correct year (2013, 2014 etc). So the subsequent steps are produced by cloning the first step, changing the filter condition to the appropriate year, and linking on the Account Type field. Note that this linkage is possible because the Account Type field is a picklist, and multi-step report steps may be linked on similar picklist fields.

Below is a screen shot of this report. You can also download this report and add it to your org

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