Most recent two gifts by donor #

This example shows a report that displays the most recent two gifts by each donor in your org, along with the increase/decrease amount. Below is a screen shot with some dummy data. 

The report uses three steps.

  1. The first step retrieves data from the Opportunity Contact Role object. (It uses that object becaause a record in that object indicates the existence of a gift.) It retrieves the Contact’s name, email address, and record ID.
  2. The second step retrieves the top two donations when ordered according to the Opportunity Close Date, descending, i.e., it retrieves the most recent two donations. (Read more about this feature.) It is also set to render the results in two columns, so that we can prepare for the calculation in the next step (below).
  3. The third step calculates the difference between the two amounts.

Below is a screen shot of this report. You can also download this report and add it to your org

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