Donors who gave to two or more campaigns

Donors who gave to two or more campaigns #

This example shows how to produce a list of Contacts whose Opportunities are in two or more Campaigns. The result is often useful for non-profit organizations in identifying those contacts who gave to several Campaigns, since Opportunities are gifts in the non-profit world.This is a single-step report that uses the Opportunity Contact Role object, with a metric filter applied to the Campaign field of the Opportunity object. Here we use the fact that the Opportunity Contact Role object has two lookups, one to Contact and one to Opportunity. We use the former lookup to extract the Contact fields, and we use the latter lookup to apply a metric on the Campaign field. In this sample report, we have produced just a few fields from the Contact object, but you can of course add more fields if needed. You can also use the same idea in a multi-step report. 

Below is a screen shot of the results of this report. You can also download this report and add it to your org.

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