Lead summary by Lead owner

Lead information summary report #

This example shows a Salesforce report containing lead owners, with information about

  • the leads that the lead owner has processed, summarized by lead stage
  • the number of days since the lead owner’s last activity.

Below is a mock-up.

Sales person Total leads Open leads Working leads Closed leads Last action date
John Smith 8 4 2 1 0
Jake Jones 10 6 4 1 7

The first five columns can all be obtained from the Lead object, and last column from the Lead Task object. So we create a multi-step report as follows.

  1. The first step produces the Lead Owner and the total number of leads for that owner.
  2. Step 2 produces the Lead Owner ID and the number of open leads. It uses a filter setting of Status = Open to produce the lead count. It sets up a linkage on the Lead Owner ID field so that
  3. Steps 3 and 4 are similar to step 2, except that they use different filter settings: Status = Working and Status = Closed, respectively.
  4. Step 5 produces the date of the most recent task created by the Lead Owner, and that value is obtained from the Lead Task object.

Below is a screen shot of this report. You can also download this report and add it to your org

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