Here is a list of all the new features we’ve added to our various products in 2018.

Dedupe and Match #

Apsona for Salesforce #

  • A new “Go to list” link in the last step of the import wizard, enabling the user to show the list of newly imported/updated records
  • Better grouping table, with subtotals at all levels, and a checkbox to show subtotals
  • Can add summaries to the footer cell of a calculated column in a report
  • Check for Person accounts when pulling metadata, and work around SFDC bug that shows Suffis as the display field of Account instead of Name
  • Feature addition (internal) – ability to specify a hook function for image retrieval when generating documents. This is useful for including images by scraping.
  • Apsona Grid now works as a related page as well as in Communities
  • When setting up an import mapping, if the column header contains the API name of the field, we’ll use that to find the field to guess the preset mapping
  • Fiscal Year and Fiscal Quarter support in the “Relative dates” tab in the filter builder
  • In Lightning, we now show a “pop-out” icon on the top right to pop out the Apsona page into a new window, so that we aren’t constrained by the Salesforce menu bar real estate at the top
  • In the console and tabular view tables, if the user selects some records via checkboxes, we now show the count of selected rows at the top, next to the record count
  • In the field editor popup for single-step and multi-step reports, the user can select summarizer functions (sum, max, min, average) for numeric columns
  • Show both Users and Queues as Owner choices in Lead and Case. Enabled if allowQueueAsLeadOwner config option is enabled. Houzz uses this.
  • Simple backup facility via Settings – Table info – Tools – Create backup
  • Support for better Lightning component merge button in the detail page in Lightning
  • Support for Salesforce’s time field via the new Apsona-internal TimeOfDay object
  • Tabbing through cells in a row in tabular view, editing each cell
  • Tabular views now allow in-place editing of fields in parent objects
  • The Add-to-Campaign modal now shows lookup fields as well
  • The license expiry warning message at the top right is now clickable, and brings up the “Manage licenses” popup.
  • The list of all Single-step Reports is now shown in the Reporting Tools menu. Shown only if the user has at least one object in their menu bar.
  • When an import is complete, if there were server-side errors, show a warning message telling the user to download the results.

Batch Gift Entry #

Charts & Dashboards #

  • The horizontal bar chart now supports two dimensions in the vertical axis, not just 1.
  • “Hide from Main Menu” option for dashboards, to control whether a dashboard is shown as a main menu item
  • can now e-mail a dashboard snapshot or copying a link to the dashboard snapshot
  • Smoother scrolling of the Values Table widget in the dashboard

Document Generation #

  • Appending PDF attachment content as pages to generated documents
  • Behavior change: Merge-generated attachments attached to records are now named according to the “Field to use as file name” choice. It used to be hard-coded to the document name.
  • The merge builder popup includes “test mode” options to ignrore all logging and send all emails to a specified address
  • Email merge: can now map a field for CC addresses, so we have per-email CC addresses
  • IF-THEN-ELSE support in LibreOffice/Google Docs templates
  • In the doc gen popup, the recipient email field choices now include salesforce String formula fields in addition to regular email fields
  • PDF conversions are now “queued” via asking the server whether it is busy. This makes it less likely that the server will be overloaded in bursts.
  • Reply-to email can now be left blank, in which it will use the email address of the person running the merge instead of the person who created it
  • “Save and Close” button in the doc gen popup
  • Spaces are now allowed in merge field names in LibreOffice and Google Docs templates
  • Support for Google Docs and Google Sheets via ID, no need to download and put into sf Documents
  • Support for Lightning Files as well as Classic Attachments to store generated attachments
  • Support for multi-pick values in docx generation
  • The merge builder popup remembers the most recently-used merge action and presets it, so we don’t need to select it again when developing a merge action
  • The merge builder popup resizes much more smoothly now, and works better on smaller monitors
  • “View debug info” link in the merge runner popup
  • With docx and pdf generation, when generating a single document, it produces a single PDF or docx (instead of a zip file) even if the merge action indicates “separate files, one per page” – this makes it easier for folks who use this with a button.
  • With docx and pdf generation, you can now download the results and attach them to records in one run. It used to be that you could either download or attach, not both.

Multi-step Reports #

  • Global folders now supported in the multi-step reports list
  • “Save as filter” link in the multi-step report editor’s filter tab
  • Summaries in table footer for calculated values in multi-step reports
  • We also search in the description field of the report when finding one from the search box in the MSR list

Scheduler #

  • In scheduled reports sent with CSV attachments, matrix visualizations are attached as a second attachment

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