Apsona for Salesforce includes a simple way to create a backup of selected objects in your Salesforce org. You can use this feature to create on-demand backups of selected objects, without having to wait for a weekly or scheduled backup to be available. You might also want to use this feature as a safety precaution before performing a large import or update.

To create the backup, click Settings – Table info, and then click Tools – Create backup.

You will then see a popup such as the one below, where you can select one or more of the objects you want to back up.

When you click the Proceed button, Apsona produces a backup zip file that you can download.

  • The downloaded zip file contains a series of CSV files, one for each object you have selected.
  • Each CSV file contains all the fields of all the records in the selected object.
  • Only the objects visible in the current user’s configuration are available in the popup. See this article for information about visible objects.
  • By default, the generated zip file will look like backup-2018-0515-1011.zip, i.e., it includes the date and time at which the backup was created.
  • If a user’s Apsona configuration does not include the Export permission, then the Backup menu item will not be available.

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