Here is a summary of feature updates and major bug fixes for our products in 2021.

Apsona for Salesforce – data management #

General #

  • Support dated exchange rates in Salesforce Advanced Currency Management.
  • Support Accounts as Campaign Members. Learn more.
  • Bugfix: fix an issue where the “Add to Campaign” button sometimes did not respect filters across different objects.
  • Match multi-select picklist values correctly during Import.
  • Switch Apsona error messages away from using browser popups. This allows users to scroll through and copy-paste the error text.
  • Better warning UI for the “Delete All” action to help prevent unintended data loss.
  • Checkbox run-parameters can now be pre-filled correctly.
  • Updated SOAP API to v52.0

Document and Email Generator #

  • Sublist record groups can now link detail objects via reference fields other than the main object’s Id field. Learn more.
  • Date:MonthValue fields are being rendered correctly in Word merges.
  • When creating a “separate files for each record” PDF or Word merge file for just a single record, the generated document is correctly using the “Field to use as File name”.
  • Emoji in generated excel merges no longer cause corrupted xlsx files.
  • Bug Fix: Some PDF merges were appending extra blank pages at the end of the document.
  • Appended PDF attachments have correct margins.
  • Bug Fix: Images embedded in documents sometimes resulted in an “SSLException”. This has been fixed.
  • Bug Fix: Creating a merge action that contained an aggregation function (like “SUM”) on a sublist field didn’t map that field correctly. This is now fixed.

Batch Gift Entry #

  • Added support for fund allocations at the payment-level with the KELL Fund Allocations package. Learn more.

Dedupe, Match, Cleanse #

  • Show progress during dedupe actions and provide downloadable debug logs. Included in video review here.
  • Expanded results from Dedupe Merge including Winning, Losing, and affected record IDs.
  • Allow users to Select & Deselect All in a Dedupe action.

Mailgun connector #

  • The Mailgun connector now supports sending emails with attachments. Learn more.

Scheduler #

  • More robust error handling and reporting to customers when scheduled jobs fail.
  • Bug Fix: Scheduled Document Merge actions with templates containing ‘&’ or other special characters now works.

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