Importing Campaign Members using email addresses

Here we address the import use-case where you have a list of email addresses of contacts, say in CSV format, and you need to add those contacts into a specific campaign. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the CSV file in your favorite spreadsheet program (e.g., Excel or LibreOffice). Select and copy the column containing the email addresses.
  2. Navigate to Contacts, and create a new filter that matches by Email address. Click Search to find the matching Contacts.
  3. Click Tools – Export to export the Contact ID fields of the matched contacts.
  4. Append a column to the exported file, containing the name or ID of the Campaign to which you wish to add the contacts.
  5. Navigate to your Campaign Member object in Apsona (usually under Campaigns – Campaign Members), click Tools – Import/Update.
  6. In the Match field selection, click Create new,
  7. Specify the Contact ID and Campaign Name as the fields on which to match. Click Ok.
  8. Import the CSV file as described elsewhere.

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