Exporting Data Records

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Apsona offers an easy way to export data records from individual objects in CSV format. An Export menu item is available in the Tools menu in both Tabular and Console Views, as in the screen shots below, which illustrate this with the Opportunity object.

Export menu in Console View

Export menu in Tabular View

To export a set of records, you first identify the records you want using either a filter or the checkboxes at the left of the list in Tabular or Console View. You then click the Export menu item, and a popup appears such as the one below. The example below shows the popup for the Opportunity object in an example org.

Th export feature lets you select fields from the current object (Opportunity, in this example) as well as fields from looked-up objects from the current object. In the left pane of the popup, under “Select an object”, is a menu with the current object at the top, and then one item for each lookup from the current object. In the above example, the current object is Opportunity, and it has lookups named Account, Campaign, Created By, Last Modified By, Owner, Primary Contact and Secondary account. Clicking one of the items displays the fields from the corresponding object, and you can select any fields you need to include in the export.

An example #

Suppose you wish to find and export the Opportunity records from a particular Campaign that closed last month, and you wish to include some Account, Opportunity and Campaign fields in the export. You would then follow these steps:

  1. Click Opportunities – Tabular view to display the list of Opportunities.
  2. Click the Filter button (more about filters here) and find the Opportunities meeting your filter criteria.
  3. Click Tools – Export to produce the Export popup.
  4. Select the fields you need from the Opportunity object in the popup. Then click the Account menu item on the left, and select the necessary Account fields. Finally, click the Campaign item on the left and select the needed Campaign fields.
  5. Click the Export button. This will produce the selected fields of the selected Opportunity records in a CSV format, which you can then save to your local computer.

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