Common error messages

Salesforce error messages #

Apsona apps are a layer on top of Salesforce. So whenever the Salesforce back-end reports an error, Apsona shows the error in the browser or in a downloaded CSV error file. Here are some common error messages you might encounter, along with their causes. Since these are Salesforce errors and not Apsona errors, you might need to track down the exact cause of the error in your org in order to resolve it.

Unable to lock row #

This error usually appears in this form:

UNABLE_TO_LOCK_ROW, unable to obtain exclusive access to this record

It usually happens because some other background process – perhaps a trigger, flow, or other integration in your org – has the record locked, so that Apsona can’t use it. The error is sporadic and usually goes away on retry. A quick Google search shows lots of help on this issue.

Insufficient access rights on cross-reference id #

This error can occur if you are trying (directly or indirectly) to update a lookup field in a record, and your profile doesn’t have access to either the field or the object to which the field refers. There is no easy way to determine which specific field caused this issue, unfortunately, so you will need to resort to trial and error to find the specific field and then ask your admin to give you access to that field and its refered-to object. This developer forum article might help clarify the issue.

Request limit exceeded #

This error usually appears in this form:

REQUEST_LIMIT_EXCEEDED: TotalRequests Limit exceeded

This means that there have been too many API requests to Salesforce from your org. Salesforce counts the total API requests based on all applications installed in your org. The limits are reset every 24 hours. This Salesforce article has more information about the issue. Also see how Apsona shows API usage.

Other known issues #

Issues with VPN extensions #

If your browser includes an extension for accessing a VPN, you might see an error popup when you try to download files from Apsona, with content that mentions a secureBlob object, and might look like this:

TypeError: Cannot read property 'type' of null
    at <<anonymous>:82:112
            at Array.findIndex (<<anonymous>)
            at new secureBlob (<<anonymous>:82:51)
            at ap__306 (

You might need to disable your VPN plugin to work around this issue.

The Dashlane password manager #

This extension is known to interfere with web pages, and can impede the proper functioning of Apsona apps. If you see problems with accessing Apsona’s multi-step reports menu or list, you might verify that this extension is disabled.

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