Deleting data records

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From within Apsona, you can delete data records from any object, either one-by-one or en masse. The console view (“All records”) includes a Delete button, and clicking that button will delete the currently-selected record after asking you to confirm that you wish to delete it. To delete more than one record, you can proceed in one of two ways.

  1. You can check the checkboxes alongside each of the records to be deleted, either in console view or in tabular view, and then click the Tools – Delete checked menu. Apsona will display a popup similar to the one below to confirm that you do indeed wish to delete the records, and if you confirm, it will delete the selected records.
  2. Alternatively, you can run a filter to find the set of records you want to delete, and then click Tools – Delete all. In this case, Apsona will confirm your intent to delete, via the same popup, and then delete all the records specified by the filter, even if they span multiple pages.

Handling related records #

Inter-object relationships are a key aspect of Salesforce objects. For example, the Contact object includes an Account ID field that relates the Contact record to its Account record. In this example, the Contact record is said to be a child of the Account record, related via the Account ID field. Such relationships enable us to maintain data integrity across objects.

Apsona respects all the relationship rules between objects defined by Salesforce. Objects can be related in two ways, either as a master-detail relationship or via a lookup relationship. The relationship is defined by the field in the child object that points to the parent object. It is established when you first create the field in the child object.

The master–detail relationship closely links objects together, in the sense that the such that the child record can only exist if the parent record exists. So when you delete a master record, all of its detail records are automatically deleted along with it. For example, when you delete a contact all the campaign members for that contact will be also be deleted as the relationship between Contact and campaign member is master-detail.

By contrast, child records that use a lookup relationship can exist even if the parent record does not. Thus, when a record is deleted, any child records that maintain a lookup relationship to the parent record will remain intact.

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