Mass-converting Leads #

You can convert any list of Leads into Accounts and Contacts, with an option to create Opportunities, in just a few clicks. To do this:

  1. Identify the Lead records you wish to convert, by using a suitable filter. You can use Apsona’s standard filtering tools for this purpose.
  2. Click Tools – Convert all.
  3. A popup window appears. From this popup, you can:
    • Choose the owner (user) of the converted Lead records by selecting the user from the Owner drop-down.
    • set the Converted Status of the resulting Contact records.
    • Create Opportunity records if required.
    • Send a notification mail to the owners of the new Leads.
    • See the number of Leads which will be converted to Contacts.

Adding Leads to a Campaign #

Using the Tools – Add to Campaign menu item, you can similarly add all the Lead records in the filtered list to a selected Campaign with one click.

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