New product alert – Grids! #

This year we released a new product, Apsona Grids! Grids allows you to create 360-degree views of your data – you can view, edit, and take action on multiple objects’ data all from the same page, enabling you to move faster and giving you powerful insights into your data.

Apsona for Salesforce #

  • Inhibit personal email signatures when sending an email using an org-wide email address.
  • Fix horizontal scrollbars that were occassionally not visible in Tabular View.
  • Allow customers to bulk load Apsona users upfront. If you are a large customer that needs to do this, contact to learn more.
  • Prevent Campaign Members from being created with both a Contact and a Lead

Document and Email Merge #

  • Support field updates for additional datatypes: numbers, booleans, picklists, and strings
  • For orgs where data privacy is a concern, allow disabling PDF output in merge actions – contact to enable this for your org.
  • Block merges consistently on report visualization.
  • Updates to our PDF infrastructure for better performance.
  • Support resizing of QR codes in merge documents with “w” parameter.
  • Bugfix: correct number of documents weren’t being delivered with > 10 documents generated and output structure “Separate files” / “PDF”.
  • Allow all end users to use button merges if in a sandbox.

Scheduler #

  • To accomodate Salesforce timeouts, retry running reports for Scheduler when Salesforce times out on running a report.
  • Send job failure notices more thoroughly to users when a scheduled job fails.
  • Email the owner of scheduled jobs on Salesforce network request errors.
  • Email customers when 75% of Scheduler quota is used.

Dedupe & Match #

  • Bugfix: when all field values are equal in a record group, the minimum / maximum scoring rule should not be applied to any of the records.
  • Support combining textarea fields.
  • Support cleansing more fields at once in the Cleanse action.

Multi-step Reports #

  • Adjust save settings so that new multi-step reports are not saved on column resize
  • Bugfix: field previously showed as “Unknown” in MSR visualization after being removed from Retrieved Fields
  • Carry the related merge actions in the “Direct link” pop out window

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