How to open a CSV file containing non-English characters in Excel

If you use Apsona to export data in CSV format, and try to open it in Excel, you might see non-English characters displayed incorrectly. This is because Apsona uses the UTF-8 standard character set for exports, but by default, Excel uses the Western character set to open CSV files.

To remedy this situation and open such export files correctly in Excel, proceed as follows. The steps below are outlined for Excel 2007, but later Excel versions are similar.

  1. Open Excel
  2. Click Data – Get External Data – From text.
  3. Select the CSV file you wish to open.
  4. In the import wizard popup that appears, make sure to set the file origin to 65001: UTF-8
  5. Select the delimiter (usually comma)
  6. Click Finish.

Here is a short demo video showing this process.

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